Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

ZENMATE is a privately owned company focused on providing a unique and personal approach to financial services. After graduating from the University of Sydney, owner Gareth Brown accepted a supervisory role in the Risk Department of the Bendigo Bank. Inspired by the revolutionizing financial markets and global trade economy, he and his longtime friend Collin dean went about creating the company we see today. During his time Greg learned about Risk Analysis and Management, Cryptocurrency, Sock Markets Volatility, financial Advisement and more.

In the summer of 2013, Greg launched ZENMATES. The goal was simple: to personalize financial services, own and understand the market. With help from his Angel Investors, ZENMATES has become a leading authority in; Forex Trading, Bitcoin and Initial Coin Offers (ICOs) Investment, Alternate Coins Investment, Binary Options Indices, Futures and Commodities Trading, Stocks and Shares markets as well as Pink Slip Stock Investments.

Thanks for your interest in partnering with ZENMATES. Our Experts are always trying to broaden our brand story and reach new customers. We understand the power of referral marketing and are always looking to partner with our clients.


  • To become an affiliate, you need to show dedication to our company. You need to believe in our vision.
  • To begin, once a sizeable deposit is made on our platform, a minimum cap of $10,000, you will be contacted by our team as to whether you would like to become part of our company. You can use your deposit for either our Investment Plans or our Mining Plans.
  • If you accept this post, you will be required to register at least five (5) persons on the platform every 50 days, of which three are active participants. For every participant you directly refer, you will receive 10% of the value of their deposits in your account balance.
  • To make our affiliate program even more attractive, we have introduced a three level structure. This means that you earn 10%, 7% and 5% of deposits from your direct referrals, their first generation referrals and their second generation referrals respectively.

    If you have three (3) active participants by the end of the the 50 day period, you will receive a $1,000 to $3,000 depending on how well your referrals performed.

    Our Affiliates receive the following benefits:

  • A customized domain email.
  • Biannual Performance Appraisal Report.
  • Communication Access with our Board of Directors.
  • Email Communication on the Company’s Projects and Investment Strategies.


    If you cannot satisfy the conditions to become one of our affiliates, you can simply take advantage of our referral program. For every participant you refer, you will receive 10% of their active deposit as your referral bonus.

    If you have additional questions about becoming an affiliate of, please reach out to to get more information.

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    What our clients say

    Zenmates has an impeccable success rate, this is achieved because of our team of experienced traders working around the clock to deliver the best analysis, risk management and investment strategy.

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